Yaşar University Foundation Courses Program (FCP)

‘Foundation Courses’ are incorporated into the curriculum of Yaşar University to assist students in gaining essential skills.  These essential skills can provide graduates with advantages and differentiating abilities, when compared to their contemporaries. Research and reviews are carried out of international higher education programs, to ensure the relevence of these additional skills in the market place. In addition recent ‘needs analysis’ is also undertaken to identify the demands of the sector, institutions and businesses, which may recruit our graduates.

Foundation Courses (UFND)

  • UFND 010B Semiology and Semantics
  • UFND 010C History and Philosophy of Science
  • UFND 020 Research Culture
  • UFND 030 Design Culture
  • UFND 040 Aesthetic Culture
  • UFND 050 Ethic Culture
  • UFND 060 Project Culture
  • UFND 070 Social Responsibility

YOK compulsory (“Turkish” ve “Ataturk Principles and History of Turkish Revolution”) Courses

“Ataturk’s Principles and the History of Revolution” and “Turkish Language” are common and compulsory courses in accordance with the article 5/i of the act 2547 of the Higher Education. (HIST 021/022 “Atatürk’s Principles and History of Revolotion” and TURK 021/022 “Turkish Language” for International Students)

  • TURK 011 Türk Dili 1
  • TURK 021 Turkish 1
  • TURK 012 Türk Dili 2
  • TURK 022 Turkish 2
  • HIST 011 Atatürk İlke ve İnkılapları 1
  • HIST 021 Ataturk Principles and History of Turkish Revolution I
  • HIST 012 Atatürk İlke ve İnkılapları 2
  • HIST 022 Ataturk Principles and History of Turkish Revolution II

Elective Courses

  • TURK 030 Türk İşaret Dili
  • SCUL 201 Açık ve Uzaktan Öğrenme
  • SCUL 301 Educational Technology